Table Sizes For Your Event

Whether its new trends hitting the scene or old trends coming back to life, event designs are constantly changing. Yet with any design, its important to know the basics. We want to share with you an instrumental element in many event design regardless of changing trends; tables and their sizes.


Tables are required at almost any event in order for it to be a success and understanding their sizing is one of the building blocks for event design around the globe. Tables are a necessity; whether you’re hosting a wedding, charity event, or birthday, it’s essential to know the variety of sizes and shapes that tables have to offer in order to accommodate each guest, dining style, and available space in your event design.


There are two basic categories of tables, both of which are proportionally larger or smaller to fit the needs of the customer or space; Circular tables, and Rectangular tables. Traditionally, you’ll find the smallest square to be 2.5×2.5ft, a style that fits two people and is often seen in small restaurants and cozy cafés. When it comes to event planning, these are typically seen in european themed events, featuring intricate designs on fitted cloths. These tables rarely use floor length linens, and usually only need a simply small cloth to fit on them. People usually will use a 90×90 square linen in a colour of their chosing.


In banquet halls or event spaces, you’ll notice much larger tables to accommodate more guests. Still using the same two categories, circular and rectangular tables; but each with their own sizing charts. With circle tables, we measure by diameter, and sizes are typically found between 30”-84”. With rectangle tables, dimensions typically follow the length of the table. But what do these numbers mean? Below, we’ve listed the estimate guest sizes for each size of table typically seen at events;


The circle table has multiple size:

30”: Would be a high top cruiser table, this would require a 120” round linen unless you tie the linen using a sash, then you would need a 132” round linen;

30”: Is a small round, fitting 4 to 5 people; this would require a 110” round linen;

60”: can fit 8-10 people; this would require a 120” round linen;

66”: Can fit 8-12 people; this would require a 126” round linen;

72”: Can fit 10-12 people; this would require a 132” round linen;

And now we are seeing and influx of venues carrying the largest round of:

84”: can fit 12-14 people; requiring 184” round linen;


The rectangle table has multiple sizes

2.5x6ft: can fit 6 people; this would require a 90×132” rectangular linen;

2.5x8ft:  can fit 8 people; this would require a 90×156” rectangular linen;

4x8ft: this table is wider to allow your guests to have more room with your centerpieces, however it can still only fit 8 people; this would require a 108×156 rectangular linen.


Our recommended linen sizes for the table are to ensure your linens are floor length. If you prefer the look of your linen pooling at the bottom, then we would recommend you order one size larger. If you do not care if your linens are floor length and would like to save on cost, a smaller 90×90 linen size would work on all the tables.  As long as your linen company as the sizes you require, then the colour and material chose is up to you! The colour of your linens are where you can really showcase your design and theme. We encourage you to have fun with it as the linens you pick, can make a big difference for your event.