Why upgraded linens and chargers are making a comeback?

People, more than ever, are paying attention to “all the little things” to really complete a full look!

In the last three years we have collected data on where are sales are growing and ensuring our new products meet their décor needs. We love to bring in new, trendy products!

  • Chair covers are not as popular as they used to be due to the popularization of chiavari chairs that are found as the in-house chairs at venues and the affordability with rental companies. But every year around the Holidays, Chair covers make a comeback as an affordable option to really elevate any holiday themes!
  • Chair rentals are staggering, most likely because venues are bringing in nicer and nicer chairs! Based on the direction 2021 is heading, chairs will be a lot more popular for outdoor weddings and backyard functions!
  • Linens are our most rented items. Luckily for us, we partner with a number of venues and  catering companies to provide basic linens options for their wedding packages! They’re always extremely popular for any of our clients!
  • but when looking at upgraded linens you can see they have become more trendy and a lot more people seem to appreciate how it elevates a room.
  • This is also the same in regards to chargers. The difference between 2018 and 2020 is extreme! There is a good reason for this, especially in smaller weddings. Chargers are such a great way to create a beautiful elevated setting. 

    Why upgraded linens and chargers are making a comeback?

    Because it is the BEST way to completely elevate the entire room’s décor.

Table Size Guide

We have made this infographic to further help with communicating table sizes etc.
Each table, whether it is rectangle or circle has 4-5 bullet points, I will further go into detail what each means

  1. This is the surface of the table size, the measurement is made to see the longest point of the table surface. According to this image, it is the measurement from the left side of the table to the right side of the table.
  2. The height is the measurement of the top of the table to the bottom, you can even say the length of the leg. This is measured to know how much linen you need to cover not only the surface but the sides as well in order for the linen to cover everything. (In order for it to be “floor length”)
  3. This is the complete size of the linens measurement, for a 96” round table the required size is a 90×156 linen. A 72” round table requires 132” linen. We always make sure that we are gathering the correct information from the client and give them the correct linen size to ensure a floor length gorgeous look.
  4.  And 5. Are the amount of people that can sit around the table. Generally the rule of thumb is, 2 feet for each person, also consider chargers and other items on the table that would need more room per person.