Patios Open Now!

Most Canadians get so excited about summer and it appears to FINALLY be here! This year has been a bit different though, covid-19 has definitely interrupted our hibernation phase, and we might have left our dens a little later than we had hoped for.

Though this might be the case, we can finally enjoy being outside, respect social distancing and start celebrating some smaller events that we’ve been missing out on over the past months. Many of us are enjoying some sense of normalcy by welcoming patio season! Patios are such a fun way to enjoy the weather, scenery and atmosphere. Humans are social beings and we know for our mental and physical health, we need human socialization and a certain amount of sunlight. Aren’t patios the perfect way to achieve both of these?! While keeping this in mind, safety should always be our number one priority.

In order to keep safety the priority, patios may not look or feel as they traditionally have. Restaurants are doing what they can to expand their patios at a last minute expense and are not always aesthetically pleasing. Chair Décor can help with that! Our linens are used to help transform any space, whether it be inside or out. What would be more poppin than a sequin linen absolutely sparkling under the sunlight, or a gorgeous Italian style red ganghnam linen perfect for both a family picnic or a romantic evening. Linens help bring the feel of indoors, outdoors! Renting linens from Chair Decor is a great package idea as well, help invite more guests to restaurants, golf courses etc to remind them that being safe doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate with lots of colours and decorations! We know that is it best to hold all small events outdoors but that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice on décor! Patio or your backyard, Chair Décor is here to help.

We, at Chair Décor, are very excited that patio season is finally back, and are ready to ship linens, deliver and assist with curb side pick up whenever you are ready to place an order!