Lynzie Kent- Love by Lynzie Events & Design Inc. and The Pop-Up Chapel Co. 

Our next few blogs will be a bit different,

With things being slower at Chair Decor due to COVD, we thought we should take the opportunity to interview a few planners who have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with the event industry. 


Garine: Hello! My name is Garine, I am the social media manager and marketing manager at Chair decor. I wanted to first start by asking you a couple basic questions before we get started. What is your name, and the name of your company.


Lynzie:  Lynzie Kent- Love by Lynzie Events & Design Inc. and The Pop-Up Chapel Co. 


Garine: How long have you been in the industry? 


Lynzie: Over 20 years now! Since I was 16 years old. 


Garine: That is absolutely amazing! At such a young age. What have your experiences been during COVID.


Lynzie:  Covid has meant reduced events over 2020. We’ve seen a significant loss in revenue and clients and we’ve also dealt with the emotional response to COVID from our valued clients. We’ve been faced with the challenge of guiding clients through this extremely challenging time with compassion, while also going through an emotional reaction of our own to the loss and change. It’s also meant changing out processes, exploring virtual planning solutions, exploring micro wedding planning solutions and developing new processes that support our clients and our company in the new norm. 


Garine: COVID has been difficult for not only event industry members, but also their own clients. It’s incredibly empathetic of you to help clients by guiding them through the process. what do thing the long term impact of COVID will have on the wedding/event industry” what does this mean for the future of the event industry.?


Lynzie: I believe the long term effects of COVID will be generally positive. Even though immediately there has been a significant loss, I believe COVID will push the event industry into the future by challenging professionals to learn and grow new skill sets. I also believe that the wedding industry was already changing prior to COVID. We’ve been running the Pop-Up Chapel Co. for over 4 years now and we knew that the trend toward smaller, more intimate weddings was growing as we’d married over 100 couples through this concept pre-COVID. I think the future of weddings is smaller, more intimate celebrations with higher quality decor, design and food/beverage. I think COVID has accelerated this change and given couples perspective on how to keep these celebrations going with the people the love most. I talk about this in a lot more detail in our upcoming podcast on an episode specifically about why I think COVID is going to actually be amazing for our industry. 


Garine: I love the way your perspective is on such a disheartening experience. Extremely admirable! Are there any exciting new projects you’d like to share!


Lynzie: YES! We are launching The Love by Lynzie Podcast this fall- our podcast will be all about redefining the wedding and event industry for the modern bride and event pro. We’ll discuss everything from event design, planning, societal pressures, mental health, sustainability and inclusivity in the industry. I’m really excited about this project because it’s an opportunity to share our unique perspective on planning with our audience and we’ll be welcoming guests from the wedding and event industry from all corners of the world. We’ve also recently expanded The Pop-Up Chapel Co. across Canada and are now hosting chapels in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Hamilton. NYC and Chicago are next! Finally Love by Lynzie has been pushed out of our box and we’ve been quoting, planning and exploring unique event concepts for corporate clients like Drive-In Nights, Pop-Up Branded Activations and Outdoor Socially Distanced client appreciation events. We’re here for the COVID challenge and ready to take it on head first. 


Garine: Thank you so much for sharing your time, your experience and your extremely positive attitude! We are so excited to see you continue to grow and make so many couples happy.