Lets talk about style shoots!

Style shoots are a unique and creative way for event planners to put their own inspirations into live pieces! There are number of reasons why style shoots are successful and how everyone is our industry benefits from them.

Style shoots are not necessarily only for tablescapes, they are used for many other purposes as well. We see a lot of style shoots in the fashion industry and for product placements. What is so exciting about style shoots in the event industry is that it usually is a collaboration of many different vendors who are all experts in their own unique fields.

Usually the head of these shoots are event planners or photographers, however many vendors work in collaboration. Starting with a vision board, the event planner creates a concept involving the colours and products they want used in the tablescape and room design. Once the concept is finalized, planners sift through their vendor contacts to see which would be the best fit to make their vision a reality! Sometimes this gives opportunities for people within the industry to meet and work with new vendors, which promotes a larger sense of community. Since we, at Chair Décor, are experts in linen, chairs, chair covers, and chargers, we usually provide insight and suggestions to help bring the tablescape to life! Vendors such as cake decorators, florists, models and Bridal gown designers also become part of the shoot. However, usually the first vendor that is sought after, is the venue. The location is extremely important, not just to have the idealized background, but also to know the type of lighting in the venue itself. Lightening is a crucial element to the success of a shoot. At the end of the day, there are 3 main reasons to go through the lengthy process of planning a shoot.


3 reasons why we believe Style Shoots are important:

  1. Advertising (publications for magazines etc)

·         Style shoots are a perfect way to advertise. It is a way to showcase your abilities to design and execute creative visions.

·         Once the shoot is published, all the vendors then share within their own networks. This helps expand your social media audience.

  1. Networking with vendors

·         The wedding and event industry is small but always changing and growing. Its extremely important to stay relevant by working with your trusted vendors but also build new connections.

  1. Inspiring (important to be on top of trends)

·         Ultimately your goal is to inspire future clients, as well as your industry peers! Staying ahead of the trends is a great way to be a trail blazer.

We all know style shoots are exhausting, but you will get so much pride out of the end result. And who doesn’t like seeing their name published?

Chair Decor is involved in a number of style shoots a year. We love being apart of them and seeing the amazing, inspiring creations that planners come up with. If you, or someone you know is interested in having us collaborate, please let us know! You can call Chair Decor or send us an email info@chairdecor.com