Chair Decor’s Virtual Showroom

We are excited to announce that Chair Decor has their own virtual showroom. Though we love seeing our clients in person, as well as giving them an online tour, we recognize that it is difficult to plan appointments around everyone’s busy schedule, especially when it comes to group decisions! What is so incredible about this virtual showroom is not only can you play around with all of our products and such, you can eventually also view it in the venue where the event will be held. This showroom will have chairs, chair covers, linens, overlays, runners, chargers, cutlery, napkins and napkin rings. It is much easier to visualize all the colours together that will best fit your theme and colour scheme. Day or night, 24/7 you can go on our site, click on the top right button that says “virtual showroom” and choose items you would like to see at your event. Once you choose, through this site you can submit the final look with a detailed description, and one of our sales members will email you with the quote as soon as possible. We recognize how stressful event planning can be, and we wanted to invest in something to help save you time and help you enjoy the experience!

Here are photos showing step by step the process of accessing the virtual showroom, choosing the items and asking for a quote.

Step 1:

Go on our website and click on the top right button “Virtual Showroom”

Step 2: 

Select the products you would like to have at your event, as well as the background for the venue/blank canvas.

Step 3:

Submit your design by filling out your contact information- Chair decor and client will both receive a PDF copy of the product selected and a photo. Chair Decor will follow up with a quote!

Watch this video for your step by step instructions
Try our virtual showroom for free now! 
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