All About the Napkins

Have you ever thought about how the way you have a napkin folded on your table can really make a difference on the aesthetic of the table? Whether your napkin is folded with or without a napkin ring, and the fabric of the actual napkin are all factors when creating your perfect table piece. In this blog, we will explore a few napkin folds for your table.

Starting with a simple, elegant fold, the “Flapper” Fold. This consists of the napkin, in this case, a linen napkin folded around the plate, however before it’s folded there is a mini fold made at the edge of the of one the sides of the napkins. This fold will look like a mini a flap and will be on the front of your plate while the rest of the napkin is wrapped around to keep the fold tight. You can add a menu behind the napkin in the middle of the plate for your guests if you wish as we’ve done in the picture below.

Next, we have the “knot”. This is simple napkin fold as it doesn’t really require a fold. This entails just taking the napkin and tying it into a knot. As you can see in the image below, it’s a beautiful and simple way to add to your plate setting. It’s also a simple addition to any table set menu for your guest, diving your guest’s attention to both the menu and the napkin.

Then, we have the “Pocket”. This napkin is simply folded to leave a slot or pocket in the front of the napkin. It involves folding it vertically then underneath creating 4 different folds. Like the first napkin, there will be a flap, this flap, however, will be much larger, and can be used again for menu placement at the centre of your plate.

Next up, we have the “bow tie”. This a fairly simple napkin application, it involves taking the napkin and sliding it through a napkin ring. After that, you take the edges and wrap them around the plate the flapper fold causing the napkin to look like a bow tie.

For the next two, we have a basic fold and the cherry fold. The basic fold is just folding the napkin until it’s just a long straight looking napkin and can be placed wherever you see fit. The cherry fold involves folding the edges inwards and propping up the sides and the middle giving it this almost swan-like look. It can be placed in the middle of the plate or perhaps the side depending on what you prefer.



Finally, we have the gold old faithful stuffing the napkins into your wine glass. When done correctly can look aesthetically pleasing depending on your event. Making sure the correct amount of napkin is outside the glass and in the glass for each napkin is key to making sure that you get the look you desire.

However it is important to note, not all venues will take the time to do these napkin folds so it’s important to talk to your planners and decorators to see if they can help make your vision come to life.

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