Guide to Wedding Reception Tables

The wedding reception is the part that most of your guests will remember, as it is the longest part of your special day! Having a solid wedding reception table layout is crucial for creating a great atmosphere for an enjoyable night!


There are so many options to choose from in regards to table shape options. However, do not forget to take into consideration guest count as well as your venue’s size and floor plan. What may look good in theory does not always translate well due to external factors — so get advice from your venue coordinator, event planner, etc., ahead of time before making any official decisions.


Round tables:

These are the most popular wedding reception tables — and for good reason. They fit any room style and décor. Round tables fit all guest sizes and there will be no problem finding linens for these tables!

Round tables are a great choice for family-seating arrangements and allows your guests to converse with each other fluidly. There is also a good amount of space for chargers as well as standard table decorations and centerpieces!


Rectangular tables:

Rectangular tables, also known as banquet tables, are a classic staple similar to round table set ups. Rectangular tables create a more extravagant atmosphere and can seat large groups of people at a time, even with chargers and big decorations. 

Rectangular tables require a bit more planning when deciding who will sit where, as the people your guests can speak to is more limited as opposed to if they were seated at a round table.


Square tables:

Square tables are similar to circular tables in the way that it provides a large surface area and fluid conversing space for your guests. However, square tables are often larger, meaning you can add elaborate centerpieces or bigger floral arrangements. 


Square tables are often a rarity, so before you include this table in your wedding-day mood board, make sure your venue or rental company carries them!


Sweetheart table:

Sweetheart tables have seen an uptick in popularity as more and more couples are looking to spend a moment of peace together on their special day. These tables come in a variety of sizes, but it is small enough to seat two people. The couple is often seated at the sweetheart table a reasonable distance away from the guests.


Some couples transform the sweetheart concept into a head table where the couples closest family and friends sit.

Please note that not all venues or rental companies will have certain tables or sizes that accommodate your wishes. Be sure to talk to your vendor or planner in terms of your vision and how you want it to come to life!


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Tips for rustic micro-weddings


What is a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is a wedding that is held with a smaller group of guests. Typically, with normal gatherings we see around 150-250 guests celebrating a couples wedding. Micro-weddings on the other hand generally have around 50 guests with family and close friends. They are also held for multiple different reasons. Prior to the pandemic, micro-weddings were a way for couples to celebrate in a more intimate way. Some couples choose to have a micro-wedding in order to save money. However, in the present day, this trend has become a must! Though this isn’t to say that micro-weddings are any sort of downgrade, they’re simply another way to hold future events (which includes birthdays and anniversaries).


Where would a micro-wedding be held?

Micro-weddings are generally held in a backyard, a restaurant, or something rustic and smaller. Totally depends on your theme! Though with the pandemic, venues and restaurants have created new options for smaller rooms and gatherings including even outdoor tents on the venue’s property.


How to plan the tablescape for a micro-wedding?

Now for the really exciting part! With micro-weddings, rustic themed weddings tend to be more of a trend. Having different size tables as well as different surfaces of said tables makes it important to choose a linen that will drape nicely and has multiple sizes to fit both small and large tables. A good option for this series would be a burlap style linen. Natural burlap, stone burlap and grey burlap are all gorgeous rustic style linen with matching napkins and runners as well. Rather than focus on a more expensive option of glass chargers, with a rustic micro-wedding, wooden chargers are the perfect way to go. Not only do wooden chargers look perfect with burlap linens and napkins, but they are also a much better decision financially. If you want to avoid being too matchy, still going with the burlap linen option, the weddings’ theme colour can be the napkin choice as well. White linen napkin as well as any polyester napkin looks stunning in this tablescape. A wonderful addition is an ivory or white sheer runner, creating a romantic mood. It covers the table from one end to another like a cloud. With a micro-wedding, the options are truly endless! Having more room on the table creates more opportunities for beautiful little touches and elevated decor. Simple silver or rose gold cutlery is a fantastic addition to elevate the tablescape as well.

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