So, You’re Getting Married What Do You Do Now? (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of this series on wedding décor. In the last blog, the main topics were tables and linens for your wedding. Now we’ll go into answering questions about chargers, chairs and other place settings.

First up, chargers. You may be wondering what is a charger? Well, a charger is a decorative plate that goes under your dinner plate. It helps elevate the decor as well as the aesthetics of the food you’ll be eating; definitely photo worthy for those instagram foodies! There are many designs and styles to choose from. You can have a simple charger that is clear or with beads on around the rim that are silver or gold; all available at Chair décor. Or you can have something grand and golden like the Valentino charger or La Dolce charger also available at Chair Décor. If you are also upgrading your cutlery, it’s nice to select a charger that compliments your other upgrades and accent colours.

Next, napkins; napkin colours we discussed in the last blog post, however, a napkin accessory that you may not have considered for your big day are napkin rings. Napkin rings help keep your napkins in place and add to the overall look of your table. You can choose from a swirl, net, or traditional napkin rings depending on the rest of the décor or the setting in which you wish to have your napkins set at your table. Chair Décor has a great assortment of different napkin rings to choose from.


Finally, the chairs! Naturally where your guests will sit is an important wedding detail. First, you can choose a wide variety of different chairs from more traditional looking Chiavari chairs or Phoenix chairs which can all be found on the Chair Décor website. You can even go the extra mile and add a chair cover. The chair cover will naturally drape around the entire chair and this a great option if you want the chairs to match the linens or just don’t think any regular chair will be the right fit for your wedding. Chair seats are also removable in most chairs and if you find a chair that works but are not a fan of the look of the seat cushion, there’s also an option to replace them with other chair seats so that your chairs are absolutely perfect for your big day.


Once again, for even more ideas on wedding pieces, wedding and event décor follow @chairdecor on Instagram, and check out the weekly polls and vote for your favourite looks.