Once The Linens Are Ready!

At Chair Decor we pride ourselves on having a unique variety of linens that can complete any look. Once you have picked your theme or colour palette, we can assist you with making your décor vision come to life! In this blog, we are going to walk through our delivery process and what that looks like for you!

Many of our clients prefer to book an appointment and select the linens or accessories that work perfectly for their event ahead of their event date. However, you can still secure your order through the phone or website! Once you have secured your contract and confirmed the order, we allow for 2 methods of delivery. For pick ups, a client will arrange the time and date with their sales representative. Chair Décor will ensure their order is ready to go based on their scheduled time!  The orders get prepped and prepared and made available through our front office, where a team member will greet you on arrival. It’s quick and simple! The linens are prepared and placed in plastic bags to shield them from all weather conditions, we also provide you with a labelled, heavy duty bag for soiled linens after use. A descriptive label is placed on the linen bag with your event detail information, linen name, quantity, and size. We are also happy to include any additional information our clients deem necessary to ensure a smooth and easy experience once you are onsite with your order. We try our absolute best to ensure customer satisfaction from all levels of the customer experience!

If you do not wish to pick-up your order, that is okay with us! We also offer a delivery service, which comes with a charge, that delivers throughout the GTA and York Region. The driver has a daily delivery schedule with detailed notes provided through a member of our team. Our drivers know to work quickly but carefully to deliver the linens safely to their designated location. We always touch base with the Venue Coordinators to ensure they are prepared for the arrival of your linen but also to make sure the linens are delivered to the appropriate onsite location. Pick up and drop off times for the orders are discussed between the account manager and the client, to determine what works best for you, the venue as well as our other scheduled deliveries. This helps with your general pricing as well as our efficiency, and is meant to make both parties as satisfied as possible.

Chair Decor delivers not just speciality orders but also to large venues at least twice a week to meet supply and demand. This allows us more flexibility to meet client’s various needs to ensure no linens are held onsite too long as well as accommodate all venue’s set-up times.

We take pride in our customer experience which includes our timely and professional deliveries. Once your event is over, we have already scheduled a prompt pick-up for your used linens. This time is pre-arranged based on the event and venue details. The extra thick, labelled plastic bags provided with all our orders are used at the end of the night immediately following your event. These bags allow us to differentiate our linens from potential other orders onsite or other events taking place which makes the pick-up by our team go much more quickly and efficiently. Once the items come back to our warehouse, our dedicated staff members open the bags, count the products, separate, and then thoroughly clean the linens. This is an extremely professional, streamlined process to ensure as few hiccups as possible. By the end of your experience, we are always working to ensure that every customer becomes a customer for life!