Keep The Celebrations Going

With summer on the horizon we find ourselves still living in a unique and precarious situation; events that may have been planned for years now are having to make some severe adaptations to still work comfortably in this day and age of social distancing. During these times, we at Chair Decor have been put in a position where we have the opportunity to help the betterment of society with our tips and tricks on social distancing events. These times may make events more difficult to run, but these are also the times when positive contributions to life are all the more necessary, and what’s more positive than a celebration? While social distancing means we must be more cautious, we can’t let it deter us from celebrating the important milestones in our lives altogether. Birthday are a great example; while going out to eat with a group of friend’s may no longer be possible, sharing the moment with them still is, through the many video platforms offered online (Zoom, Skype, etc!).


You probably have a lot of worries about online celebrations; “it’s just not the same”, or “it doesn’t feel like a REAL celebration”. Then make it one! A large part of any event’s atmosphere is the decorations. If you’re hosting a birthday party in an all-white room, you might not be giving off the ambience you’re looking for. Have some balloons and streamers in the background; put a decorative linen on the table you’re using. Bake a cake, and eat it in the company of your event guests! The more work you put into it, the more unique and special this event will feel for you. Have an instagram fashion shoot; pose in front of the balloons genuinely and satirically, make some fun of the situation! The most important part to remember about this is that it’s an out of the ordinary event to have fun with, not an endeavour!


Other great, innovative ideas during this time include baby gender reveals! Send your friends cupcakes (ensuring proper sanitation during the entire process, of course) with a blue or pink filling, and have them all take a bite at the same time while on video call. Decorate your door with pink and blue balloons for the neighbors to see, and only leave the balloons of the babies gender to signal them. Invite your family to an outdoor reveal, making sure to keep your distance. The possibilities are endless, with the right mindset!


The main message, we at Chair Decor are trying to send, is that we fully support you during this event planning process, and hope to help offer you the many alternatives to spice up any event’s, like Birthdays, without leaving the house. It will give you a unique and special birthday memory to look back on; A memory of adapting to the strange times around you, accentuating the positives, and showing a level of perseverance rarely seen in most.

There are a ton of other beautiful concepts that can be found online through Pinterest or Youtube with how others are making the best of the situation. We don’t need to stop being social during this distancing phase, we just need to be smart about how we celebrate, and to do so more than ever before!!! We truly hope this has helped in your quest to begin your event planning or adaptations.