Chair Decor Products

At Chair Décor we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standard in customer service, timely deliveries, hygiene and our rental items’ quality and variety; the list goes on as much as our desire to satisfy our customer does. Today, we’ll be going over our products and what makes them so special to help everyone understand the sheer amount of selection available!

Part of our variety includes a vast selection of chairs, from chiavari to florence, with a wide amount of maneuverability between the colours of the chairs and their interchangeable coloured pads. Furthermore, we also have chair covers typically used for banquet chairs or folding chairs. Finally, to add a bit more pop to your already extremely customizable chair, we offer bows and bands as an aesthetic cherry on top for your event. Throughout these many options of beautiful colours and combinations we’re sure that you’ll find the ones that make your event unique and gorgeous.

An equally important addition to any event is table linens and decor; these linens come in many shapes and sizes and include the covering of different sized square, rectangle, and circular shaped tables. These linens typically rest eloquently at floor-level, the most recent and sleek trend. The many styles you have to choose from include simple polyester, shiny and matte satins, beautiful detailing and sparkling sequins. Feel free to check out our online selection to get an idea of what you’re looking for! Our overlays are similar to our linens; with many different patterns and styles, you’ll have a great selection to choose from, whether you’re looking for a topper or a floor length overlay.

If you’re looking to keep your linens simple, we suggest a runner; these lay elegantly across the center of the table and come in many different colours and styles too, with our most popular being the sheer runner; it looks like a beautiful cloud that’s rolling across your table.

Finally, we have the newest addition to our inventory over the past couple years, which are two very important rental items; chargers and cutlery. We’ve found that a lot of customers want a “one stop shop” for all their event planning needs, and we try our best to accommodate this desire by carrying each and every detail that you’re looking for. The chargers are stunning and come in acrylic, wooden, and glass, all of which have gorgeous designs that truly elevate your event beyond the norm. The cutlery also adds a nice flair and can be customized to fit specific themes and desired atmospheres; the devils in the details!

If you have any questions regarding the finer details of how to plan your event – we’re always happy to help and share in the experience of making an incredible event!