Chair Decor Core Values

Core Values are seen as the very foundation of any company; Chair Decor staff treat Core Values with the utmost respect and work to lead in the values on a daily basis. In this blog we will break down each key value and why it is implemented at Chair Decor.

“We build partnerships- we don’t have clients, only partners”

We work with our clients so closely so we can share in each other’s successes and failures.

“We work as a team- we are accountable to each other”

Our success as an operation relies on each team member being accountable to their job and responsibilities.

“We deliver quality- we have quality people, products and services”

Quality is extremely  important, not just with the items you will be receiving from Chair Decor; as well as the staff members and service you will receive.

“We care”

We want you to succeed, we are partners, we work as a team, and we deliver quality. We care and want your event to go as smoothly and successfully as possible!